1. I am at work, serving a man in his late 30s
  2. A girl, Kersty, who is my age and works in the mall, is standing next to him at the counter, and chatting to my boss
  3. A woman walking past, taps Kersty on the bum with her umbrella
  4. Kersty laughs, runs after the woman and puts her arm around her
  5. They are clearly friends.
  6. The man says to me, "if a man did that to a woman he didn't know it would be sexual assault."
  7. I say "yep."
  8. He says "it's such a double standard."
  9. HOW THO???
  10. Two women have a playfully physical friendship where it's fine if one touches the others butt
  11. Which is absolutely not the same as a STRANGE MAN grabbing the butt of a woman he doesn't know in a public space
  12. You can't compare them
  13. If my boss hadn't have been there I know I would have said "you mad, bro?" cause his whole attitude was sulky, like a piss baby mad that he can't just assault women whenever he wants because it's "frowned upon".
  14. Comparatively it's like saying its a double standard that a woman can consensually have sex with whoever she wants because she has autonomy and free will, yet a man can't forcibly "have sex" with whoever he wants regardless of consent
  15. That's not a double standard.
  16. It's the law and basic human rights.
  17. Don't assault people, and as importantly, don't wish you could assault people.