why do you need confirmation that I actually can't see???
  1. You like my glasses?
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  2. Just let me meme for a sec
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  3. I generally use one of either of these when someone compliments my eyewear
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    UNLESS they are my Miu Miu glasses, in which case I jump in with a "omg thanks Beyoncé has the same ones in sunglasses" cause everyone needs to know I have something in common with Beyoncé (even though I am blind and tone deaf we are basically the same) I mean just look how cute they are!!! Also me. I am cute. (I'm shameless)
  4. So thanks, what a honey you are for complimenting my glasses!
  5. However.
  6. Plz don't ask to try my glasses on
  7. Because I will (begrudgingly) say yes
    Cause apparently it's rude as hell to say no to something you don't wanna do???? Let me live
  8. And you just have to know what you look like in my glasses
    Heads up, you literally will not know because my prescription is not clear glass so your eyes will not adjust and you won't be able to fuckin see your reflection dummy!!!
  9. You will say "omg you're so blind"
    Yeah bitch that's why I wear them
  10. You will WITHOUT A DOUBT smudge my lenses to fuckin buggery
    HOW??? I rarely do this!!!!
  11. Then you'll hand them back all fucked up
    This is almost certainly happening somewhere where I'm not carrying a cleaning cloth (nerd alert) and I literally am never wearing clothing appropriate to clean up my lenses on.
  12. So I'll be basically blinded further by your greasy fingerprints all day
    Thanks asshole
  13. So plz leave me be
  14. Let me be cute and blind ish in peace
  15. ✌️
  16. EDIT
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    we're the same