Inspired by @jessicaz and the OG @amieshmamie cause my sweet lil kiwi self qualifies
  1. Do you feel moved by your national anthem?
    Generally, no. The English version 'God Defend New Zealand' is more or less a definite no. The Māori version 'Aotearoa' (literally the same song translated) is somewhat more moving, it sounds a little more romantic and heartfelt to my ears for some reason. However, the haka? I cry every fucking time. I look up YouTube clips to cry along to cause I love it so fucking much. So powerful. Also the unofficial national anthem 'Pokarekare Ana' makes me lose my mind, it's so beautiful.
  2. How do children in your country get to school?
    I walked every day or got a lift with my mum on her way to work. Kids most commonly walk, bike, bus or get dropped off by parents. Or in bigger cities, catch the train.
  3. Can you succinctly explain the country's healthcare system and are most citizens satisfied with it?
    Ha mostly no I cannot. We have public and private healthcare, some shit is free, some isn't. I've had two open heart surgeries as a child through public healthcare and I can tell ya neither me or my parents have payed a cent for any of that shit, nor the corresponding cardiologist appointments etc. But GP visits cost, same with prescriptions, unless you're on a benefit or are able to get them subsidised for some reason. So pretty satisfied but there's always gonna be people who aren't.
  4. What's the best part of living in your country?
    Truly, it's all I really know. But I feel safe here. We're under the radar cause we're a teeny country at the arse end of the world and we're pretty fucking cruisy. Lots of fresh air and open spaces. We have gun laws, our fucking police aren't even armed. You can get from Bluff (bottom of the South Island) to Cape Reinga (top of the North Island) in 28 hours if you really fucking wanted to. We're tiny, we're cute and Taika Waititi is from here so
  5. What's the worst part?
    Two words - John FUCKEN Key. But more words than that actually; we live in a National government that couldn't give a fuck about lower income families, the prime minister won't even acknowledge the housing crisis. We have one of the highest rates of child abuse leading to child death in the developed world; on average one child is killed every five weeks. There is not enough space to list everything but right now these two are definitely the most prevalent.
  6. Are there any accents within the language that you speak?
    Yes. South Islanders generally roll their 'r's, usually the deeper south you go, the more you hear it. There's a Christian community called Gloriavale and they have weird accents that are not at all reflective of the rest of New Zealand. Any other "accents" are depending on what culture you belong to within New Zealand.
  7. What overall impression do people from your country have of the US and its citizens?
    Honestly I'm mirroring @jessicaz cause this Trump shit is really fucking up your world standing. Patriotism and "football" is really what comes to mind, and preachers. Oh shit and that plastic yellow cheese seriously what the fuck is that and how the damn hell can you put that in your bodies? This is less about impressions and me just being very angry about that plastic cheese.
  8. Have you ever lived in another county? If so, what difference stood out the most between that country and your home?
    I've never lived anywhere else! I've been to Australia once, on holiday as a teenager, and really the main difference was how humid it was there. So hot but so humid. We're under the hole in the ozone layer so we're less humid and more just scorching heat when it's summertime. Oh and shop ladies called me "Darl" a lot.
  9. Do you hope to move to the US someday?
    Let's just see what happens with this election first ok
  10. Can I come stay with you?
    Yep, my flat is pretty chocka but sweet as!