***trigger warning***
  1. Constantly questioned my sexuality
    By saying things like "I'm just waiting for the day when you come out" and "your mum must be so disappointed that you don't have a boyfriend". Also constant fat shaming and talking down to me.
  2. Tricked me into doing crack
    Told me it was ecstasy, it was my first time doing "ecstasy". I freaked out, and then later found out it was actually crack.
  3. Fat shamed me
    I was 16, and I went over to her house after school and without invitation she took out a tape measure and wrapped it around my thighs, hips, stomach, and waist, and told me we'd do it again next time and if the measurements weren't smaller that we'd have to "figure out a punishment". We were friends for another four years following this, and I was so ashamed about this incident that it was only recently that I even told someone that it happened.
  4. Undermined my feminist beliefs and ridiculed my personal experiences with sexual assault
    Called me an "angry little cunt on the internet" for expressing opinions online, essentially told me that if I was a "real feminist" I would be volunteering at women's refuge instead of "doing it for attention". Then made backhanded comments on my friends instagram pages using hashtags like #victim #imasurvivor in a pathetic attempt to get under my skin, while undermining the shared experiences of every person who shares their experiences with assault and sexual violence under those hashtags.
  5. Didn't support me through my depression
    At the peak of my depression when even getting of a bed was a struggle, told me to "suck it up" and "stop being a baby" on a day when I called up unable to go to work.
  6. Victim blamed me
    Told me "that's what you wanted though", when I tried to tell her about my rape.
  7. Violated my personal boundaries
    During a conversation where I was talking about my fear and hatred of physical contact, he laughed, reached out and rubbed his hand up my arm. I freaked out, started shaking and cried in the parking lot after work. He also asked 'how does that work during sex?' Like he was entitled to that information.