1. Can't stop playing the Kim Kardashian game
  2. Hate read stuff I know is gonna make me mad
  3. Love gossip
    Not harmful, bullying gossip, just "ooh have you heard what the dumb idiots who run this mall have done now?" kind of gossip
  4. Use craft supplies as makeup daily
  5. Spend 10+ hours a day in/on bed
  6. Sometimes don't properly take off my makeup before I go to sleep
  7. All of my instagram captions are some form of "I'm cute forever bye"
  8. Broke both my legs falling down one step
  9. Once had six half eaten 2L ice cream tubs in my freezer and still bought more ice cream
    Ok technically one of them was a 1L tub of vegan coconut ice cream and I never fucking finished that shit it is literally still in the freezer I hate coconut ok
  10. This list title is not in capital letters and honestly that is the biggest reason I am a garbage person