1. It is essentially saying that if a woman doesn't have a perpetual smile on her face then she is a bitch
  2. Without even having a conversation with her, let alone knowing her - she is a bitch
  3. All because her neutral face isn't deliriously happy and inviting
  4. A woman without a smile shouldn't automatically be assigned the title of bitch
    Personally I'd prefer it if no women were assigned that title
  5. And don't even start with that "men get resting bitch face too!" bullshit
  6. Because they don't
  7. They get "steely gaze" or a "hardened exterior" or a "ruggedness"
  8. And as we all know "bitch" is a term reserved exclusively for women and dogs.
  9. My regular, expressionless face is not a 'bitch face'.
  10. And you can get fucked if you think otherwise.