1. Tagging a friend in a strangers instagram post and having a full conversation with them in the comments section, when the original post has less than 100 likes
  2. That's fucking weird right?
  3. Like you wouldn't go on Facebook and have a full conversation on a complete strangers profile pic so why is that not deemed fucking weird and rude on instagram?
    I need to clarify that the conversation is between her and the friend she tagged, and I am not included at all
  4. Idk I tagged both of them and said 'bye' so that they'd get the hint and fuck off
  5. And then one of them posted this bullshit "#hashtagsbringunwantedattentioniguess"
  6. Like asshole just because I used a hashtag in my fucking caption doesn't mean you can have an entire conversation in the comments of my instagram pic with 11 fucking likes
  7. I'm right, right?
  8. Like this is my personal instagram account, I'm not some meme account with 1M followers
  9. Just cause I don't have my account on private doesn't mean that's not weird and rude
  10. Idk who else has opinions on this?