1. Okay several years ago I worked part-time at a call centre
    During that year, I worked between 2-4 part-time jobs at once just to pay rent
  2. I went for the job interview and it was a group interview, it went fine, and they asked me to come back for a second group interview which turned out to be a training day
  3. During the training, the woman leading it spoke in the softest voice imaginable, uninterrupted, for half an hour
    Her name is Joanne and honestly she is a mess
  4. And I fell asleep
  5. I literally fell asleep at a job interview
  6. Her voice, the hum of the fans, and the heat contributed
  7. But really, I was just bored to death and zonked out
  8. And I still got the job
  9. If that doesn't scream to you just how fucking nothing this job was then bub I don't know what to tell you
  10. I wasted a year of my life there
  11. And by wasted, I mean I wasted their time and got paid for it