1. People who pat their own butts in public
    It's so cute and sweet, and funny. I do this a lot myself because my butt is soft and also I hope someone sees me and it makes them a small bit happy
  2. Kids with broken bones and their friends have drawn all over the cast
    I'm not happy they've broken a bone, but happy that their friends have drawn all over the casts because I remember being five and being so excited for everyone in my class to sign my cast. Kids are amazed by coloured casts on broken bones and it's a bit sweet.
  3. Elderly couples holding hands
    Ugh I'm so cliche
  4. Poking my tongue out when I laugh
    It's so funny. It makes me sound like I'm panting like a dog a bit and it's so yuck but so funny and it makes everyone I do it around laugh heaps harder and I like that