1. Static
    I use it primarily to send cute selfies to my mum and then open my mouth and scare her. or I open it on her and get her to scare herself with it. my mum gets frights easy, she jumped out of her seat in fright IN CINEMA during a loud part of Ice Age, again during the first live action Scooby Doo movie, the list goes on.
  2. Static
    ain't I cute
  3. Static
    this and also any with women's makeup I will use on my dad while he's watching tv and then send it to both of my brothers
  4. Static
    when I'm feeling cute and wanna send someone a "look how sweet and sad and chubby cheeked I am"
  5. Static
    belligerent (possibly drunk) depression tirades
  6. Static
    for singing off key, flopping my tongue around. making myself laugh, more than anything.
  7. Static
    for pretending I'm on a rollercoaster