One of my absolute all time style icons, '90s queen herself, Fran Drescher as the nanny!
  1. I have wanted that handbag since the '90s
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  2. Plaid Baby Spice
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  3. Yes to all of this
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  4. Good lord, ultimate queen
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  5. Neon skirt suit with a striped turtleneck? Ah yes
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  6. Could this look be any cuter?
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  7. Checkerboard babe
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  8. Even pregnant Fran in a pink satin dress suit is dreamy
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  9. Big haired, biker babe
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  10. I had a matching jacket to this when I was 17 years old and I lived in it.
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  11. Sky blue sky pants? Oh my Fran.
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  12. Not my fave but the colours are glorious and no one but my girl Fran could pull this off
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  13. Throwing an orange fur over her skirt suit definitely makes this a winner
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  14. Muppet babe
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  15. Even Fran knows how bangin' she looks
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  16. This is another dream look for me. I live for printed blouses.
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  17. Always with the midriff!
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  18. Always descending the stairs like royalty
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  19. Yes yes yes yes yes
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  20. Fran as Cher from Clueless
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  21. Matte lips and my dream pigtails
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  22. And finally, original Fran
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