One of my absolute all time style icons, '90s queen herself, Fran Drescher as the nanny!
  1. I have wanted that handbag since the '90s
  2. Plaid Baby Spice
  3. Yes to all of this
  4. Good lord, ultimate queen
  5. Neon skirt suit with a striped turtleneck? Ah yes
  6. Could this look be any cuter?
  7. Checkerboard babe
  8. Even pregnant Fran in a pink satin dress suit is dreamy
  9. Big haired, biker babe
  10. I had a matching jacket to this when I was 17 years old and I lived in it.
  11. Sky blue sky pants? Oh my Fran.
  12. Not my fave but the colours are glorious and no one but my girl Fran could pull this off
  13. Throwing an orange fur over her skirt suit definitely makes this a winner
  14. Muppet babe
  15. Even Fran knows how bangin' she looks
  16. This is another dream look for me. I live for printed blouses.
  17. Always with the midriff!
  18. Always descending the stairs like royalty
  19. Yes yes yes yes yes
  20. Fran as Cher from Clueless
  21. Matte lips and my dream pigtails
  22. And finally, original Fran