some television shows and the influence they've had on my life

  1. Veronica Mars
    Made me wanna be a take-no-shit kinda girl. Also made me never ever ever want to attend a US university or college, or college party (not that this would have happened anyway).
  2. Gilmore Girls
    Paris Gellar is probably the greatest, angriest TV role model I ever had. Made me wish I had an absent father? So dumb since my dad rules. Plus I think it's why I like boys with stereotypically "girly" names (though I probably would've done that anyway if he was cute enough).
  3. Outrageous Fortune
    Made me want to be part of a bogan, crime family. Also made me think being a virgin over 15 was weird which it fucking isn't, thanks a lot, Pascalle.
  4. The X-Files
    Gillian Anderson awakened my love for the ladieeez 😎 and aliens
  5. Friends
    I got the Rachel 🙃
  6. Bob's Burgers
    Gave me faith in adult cartoons I guess? The characters truly love each other and it's still funny and still uses gross out humour without really relying on stock standard stereotypical sexist, racist homophobic, violent, mean jokes like family guy or similar shows.