This is 100% about Matchbox Studios in Wellington, NZ, who I both called out via Instagram comment (the whole post was promptly deleted with no response) and DM. I also tagged the artists whose work I recognised, and sent them DMs to inform them.
  1. Independent artist run spaces/shops shitting on other independent artists designs and work by selling shitty eBay rip offs
  2. Cause honestly it's fucking awful and bullshit when massive corporations do it, but a fucking independent artist run space????
  3. Where's your dignity?
  4. Where's your respect for artists?
  5. Where the fuck do you get off basically?
  6. Like how do you not see the hypocrisy? You exist solely to support and promote independent artists showcase and sell their work, yet whatever it's totally fine to sell shitty cheap knock offs of other independent designers and artists because you don't have any personal connections to them?
  7. Yeah it's fucking New Zealand and we're tiny so it's unlikely that these overseas and international small artists are ever gonna know but where the fuck are your ethics?
  8. How is that okay?
  9. Like what the fuck is that saying to the artists whose work you support? That you're totally fine with shitting on independent artists and that you'd totally do it to them in a heartbeat just to make that sweet sweet coin?
  10. And I've fucking bought stuff there in the past!!!!
    I gave some stuff away free case fuck capitalising off that but I'm so mad that I've involuntarily participated in artist theft, like I didn't know but I essentially supported them through ignorance and I hate that! I feel so icky.
  11. Fuck them, and fuck their lack of morals. Fucking profiting off of art theft. It's so bullshit.
  12. It makes me sick that this is a space that is known nationally as a sweet indie art shop where small artists can showcase their work in installations or sell stuff they've made, and that it's seen as a positive space for promoting independent artists, when it's just as fucken shady as those big chain stores making a quick buck off of stolen work.
  13. And it also makes me kind of super glad to be from Palmy rn. It's real nice knowing all my artist pals who run spaces around here are just as outraged as I am.