1. feeling myself getting anxious and spiralling but having to hold myself together because everyone around me needs me to be the responsible one rn
  2. I just wanna lie in bed and sleep and cry everyday but instead I'm trying to push through but all that's really doing is making me super tense and anxious and I'm trying to conceal it so that everyone isn't worrying about me on top of everything that's goin on with them but I can feel myself getting manic I SCREAMED AT A CAR ON MY WAY HOME TONIGHT
    he was fucken inches away from hitting me at a pedestrian crossing but I screamed and swore at him like a maniac
  3. and like the person I'd usually tell is having a really shitty shitty tough time rn herself so I'm like trying to be supportive but like what use am I when I'm feeling like this
  4. idk I want december to be over or at least for it to be christmas already so I can eat heaps of delicious food and sleep in