Is this at all surprising
  1. 5.
    Melanie B ft. Missy Elliott - I Want You Back
    This really only rates because of Missy but she's gone before the first minute is out. There's no real melody at all, nothing catchy about it. Mel B has the body though.
  2. 4.
    Geri Halliwell - Bag It Up
    I mean Geri was never the singer of the group, but she's stuck with her girl power vibe and I dig that. I think my first taste of feminism was as a six-year-old when the Spice Girls were at their peak, and that was all down to Geri which is kind of bizarre? I'm not sold on her hair in this though, I'm very pro OG Ginger Spice hair.
  3. 3.
    Victoria Beckham - Not Such an Innocent Girl
    I'm genuinely surprised how good her vocals are because my expectations were LOW based on how few solo spots they gave her in SG. Video-wise, she almost turns into Sporty Spice for a yin and yang dance-off against herself in a platinum wig? Honestly 2001 aesthetic is murdering me, I LOVE IT.
  4. 2.
    Emma Bunton - What Took You So Long
    This is a solid pop song. The aesthetic is very confusing to me though, because she's very famously British and the whole vibe is American country road? I still dig it though, her outfit is cute af and she could kill me with those freckles s2g.
  5. 1.
    Mel C ft. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes - Never Be the Same Again
    If you don't love this song then you are LYING. Great, classic pop song. Left Eye rules, Mel C kills. She was always the real hit maker in SG.