[Emptying my drafts again] My house flooded [in July] and I'm crashing while it dries out. I gave my keys to the dryers (idk what the fuck their job title is) and have no way of getting into the house
  1. A jacket
  2. A toothbrush
  3. Spare glasses for when I get sick of my usual ones
    I'm already there
  4. My menstrual cup
    This turned out to be v necessary
  5. An umbrella
  6. Any jewellery
  7. Any makeup other than turquoise eyeliner or purple eyeshadow
    Priorities amirite
  8. A charger cord for my iPod classic
    Yep it's still 2008 sorry bout it also honestly if my iPhone was 160gb maybe I'd put some fucken music on it