yeah this was a stuff I shouted today but I forgot to post it
  1. If I find out that you're smoking P again in this house then I am moving out and contacting the property manager and you can deal with the fallout from that.
  2. And in January, when you move out, I am contacting the property manager because I will not let someone move into that room when it is contaminated with P. So you can deal with whatever happens then.
  3. Even if it means we lose the house, I would rather lose it than live in a house contaminated with P risking my health and wellbeing, and honestly living with someone who doesn't fucking respect my health and wellbeing.
  4. And your friend? If she is bring that shit into this house then she is not fucking welcome in this house. I don't give a fuck if that's not my call to make, that's the situation.
  5. And the next time someone — anyone — has a drug seizure, you come and fucking get me and don't lie to me and pretend nothing happened. I don't fucking care if it's 4am, you come and fucking get me.