1. This Lush campaign poster. I was super cheeky and asked the manager if I could have it when the campaign ended and Rita is a such a honey that she gave it to me.
  2. .
  3. Buns by wishcandy
  4. I gifted this Natalie Foss illustration to Georgia for her birthday last year, this is up in our living room
  5. R. Clint Colburn
  6. Natalie Foss
  7. I framed some duraseal because it's spacey and we have a dinosaurs in space themed party in a fortnight
  8. .
  9. Christmas gift from @hannii
  10. Weird mirror
  11. This horse is glittery and also it's hung above that weird mirror
  12. Framed page from a possibly frightening children's book?
  13. Stole this from a party
  14. Drawing my pal did of us when we were 17
  15. Taxidermy butterfly
  16. Wishcandy
  17. Another taxidermy butterfly
  18. Wishcandy
  19. Goonies poster. The lighting in my bedroom sucks in the afternoon.
  20. Illustration of myself I was gifted for my 21st birthday. Reads "Happy Birthday, Dynamite". Lol I used to call myself dynamite as a joke.
  21. R. Clint Colburn
  22. R. Clint Colburn
  23. Poem by Desiree Dallagiacomo, you can watch her perform it here:
  24. My lil brothers, almost 16 years ago
  25. Wishcandy
  26. Natalie Foss
  27. Ambivalently Yours
  28. My dad and my lil brother about 18 years ago