1. goddamn you must hate all of my emails
  2. i could dance to this
  3. what i need to do is just eat a bunch of bags of chips and just nap forever
  4. reason #1 to watch parks and rec - may i present ron swanson
  5. this is so weird who would even make this wtf no
    5b26c470 f563 4174 baf5 70921bed93f8
    nsfw I'm so sorry it's a gif of two butt cheeks making out
  6. turn down for hwat
    there's a vine of hank hill singing turn down for what
  7. i feel like this is an accurate representation of how my life is going to go
  8. okay nsfw
  9. you gotta get me this fucken cake
  10. holy shit holuy shit hoyl sdhit