1. How many weeks ago was the iPhone SE released in New Zealand?
  2. How many weeks ago did I order the iPhone SE?
  3. How many weeks have I been waiting for the iPhone SE to actually be available for purchase in New Zealand because apparently released and available for purchase are not the same fucking thing since Apple wasn't prepared for people to actually want to purchase the iPhone SE and only sent less than 100 to the whole fucking country of New Zealand?
  4. How many weeks have I had to scrape together $949 to actually pay for the iPhone SE?
  5. How much money do I actually have scraped together to pay for the iPhone SE?
  6. Which bullshit, outdated, doesn't have sound, unable to run iOS 8, doesn't let me have all the cool snapchat filters, crashes every time I try to check notifications on the tumblr app, won't refresh list app unless I exit the app and reopen it, grainy camera, slow as fuck iPhone do I currently have?