I saw this about three weeks ago and completely forgot to list about it! I recommend it VERY highly! (Although I generally recommend anything out of New Zealand very highly)
  1. Static
  2. Taika Waititi's new film is glorious, the shots of the New Zealand bush are incredible, so luscious and green, something I often forget about.
  3. Julian Dennison as Ricky Baker is great, he's funny, a real try hard, trouble-maker, and I think every New Zealander recognises him as a child they know now or once knew.
  4. Roma Te Wiata as Aunt Bella is sweet, and so real. I know dozens of women who are almost exactly her, whether it be in her mannerisms, her humour, her sweetness, or her rough as guts, kiwi farm girl exterior.
  5. Sam Neill as Uncle Hec is lovely, as a grumpy, sullen man, looking to disappear.
  6. Rachel House as Paula is exactly what she always is - exactly who she needs to be. I think the long term collaboration of she and Taika gets more interesting with each film.
    I think Boy will always be my fave
  7. It's funny. Somehow both exactly what you'd expect from Taika, while also nothing of the sort. Heartbreaking, but funny and warm, packed full of adventure, action, and love.
  8. It's already a classic New Zealand film.
  9. Also I have a massive crush on Taika, I think I've talked about this before.
  10. @franksars @ltoiaivao I think this will be right up your alleys! Unless you've already seen it, in which case let me know what ya think!