1. First off, I have been asking him for weeks what he might like. He has no apparent likes or dislikes and his response is always 'I don't know' when asked what he wants.
  2. I WANT EVERYTHING how is it possible that someone who is immediately related to me WANTS NOTHING
  3. This is him, isn't he beautiful, if not clearly indecisive? Also his hair is so silky, easily best hair in our family. I swear he could play Rapunzel or that one where she weaves her hair into gold cause he's got that shit down.
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  5. His eyes water with tortured thoughts of the atrocities of war
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    Jk he's so drunk his eyes are bloodshot
  6. Shout out to his 21st birthday party for all of these stellar photos
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  7. Lil b blasphemous?
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  8. This is what you get when YOU DON'T MAKE A DECISION
  9. I just photoshop shit badly
  10. But
  11. I'm quite proud of these though