😘@shanaz 🐜🐛🐞🕷🐝🐌 This was a drag show for Disco Bloodbath at Whammy bar in Auckland that I went to in June. I do not have very many photos because I was in awe of everyone so this is a very limited glimpse into the show that night.
  1. This was the inspiration for my "costume" because my pal Az suggested going as Chlamydia like literally a ~sexy bug~, instead of a chrysalis with one titty hanging out like I was planning
    I say "costume" cause it essentially ended up being a dress I sewed very quickly and very terribly which kind of just looked like all of my everyday clothes
  2. This is my attempt at recreating it using this swimmy(?) blue fabric and glitter paints
  3. Because I am terrible at sewing and also because it was freezing cold, I threw my old faux fur coat over this to make myself look as tacky as possible
    The coat is FAR too small because I bought it when I was 14, so the position my right arm is in is literally how my arm was all night because it was so tight across the shoulders
  4. Me with my pal bio queen/drag king, Stella Callisto/Nipless Cage as a praying mantis. She is the manager of this event, which happens every month I think? Each show has a different theme. She also helped to organise the Pulse Orlando benefit which happened immediately following this show.
    I am wearing SO MUCH highlighter all over my face cause one of the drag queens told me to and so I did. ALSO notice my arm again in position
  5. Stella with Yuri Guaii who made both of their costumes in only a couple of days WHICH IS ASTOUNDING and I totally nicked this from Stella's Instagram
  6. Static
  7. Static
  8. Stephii Onassis as an exterminator
    Honestly this person is hilarious and great and won Mx Wellington Drag 2016 a few weeks before
  9. Static
    I do not know who this person is but their fly costume was fucking incredible
  10. Ok so I am all out of photos but it was an incredible time and I bumped into a sweet old pal from 2010 when I gave a fuck and went to uni so that was real nice cause we haven't seen each other since 2012
  11. Oh I found this! This is me and my old pal Ardon from uni!
  12. Ok now I am officially out of photos