Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Lol ok so I got arrested once
  2. I was 19 and it was literally the week I moved out of my parents house ahaha
    I am trash
  3. We had been drinking at my flat and it was like midnight+ and we decided to walk into town (bout 5-10 min walk) to go to some clubs
  4. My flatmate's boyfriend's friend was there and I thought he was cute
    Lol as it turns out I was just v drunk cause he wasn't and also he just kind of sucked heaps
  5. The first club wouldn't let him in cause he was wearing shorts and jandals
    Ugh literally why would I think someone too dumb to wear jeans and real shoes was cute
  6. And everyone went in anyway and he was just gonna go home
  7. So I was like "omg I'll walk with you to a different one and see if they'll let you in there"
    jfc come on, alana
  8. So we went to another club, he got in and I made him buy me drinks
    💯 just for scoring free drinks from some poor sucker
  9. The club closed at 3am and he was like "I know this real cool place where there's a cool view"
  10. And my dumb self wanted to make out so I said "ok"
  11. Idk all of a sudden we were walkin up some stairs on the outside of a building
  12. And then like going through a door and climbing a ladder and then we were on some roof
  13. And my heels were failing me on the corrugated iron roof so I threw them down to the ground????
    Why???? We were like 3 storeys up??? My heel broke off of one of the shoes??????
  14. And he was leading me over the edge of the roof onto the roof next door
  15. And then I think we went up another ladder????
  16. Idk either way we ended up on a balcony of the FMG building which the tallest building in my city
  17. The balcony overlooks the town square but it was like fucking raining so what was the point
  18. And like I don't think we even made out????
    What a cheat
  19. Yeah but basically that is when we saw like a flashlight comin and it was a cop so
  20. Oh man and trying to get down from the balcony and the roofs in the rain sucked
  21. Especially when you're super drunk and unaware that you're actually trespassing or where you even are really
    I am a garbage person
  22. Yeah but we got down to the ground and I had to SEARCH FOR MY BROKEN SHOES
  23. And I asked if we were being arrested and the cop said yes and I asked if they had to call my parents and he said no cause I'm a legal adult
    Legal being the focal word here
  24. Yeah so we got put in the cop car and at one point it was just me and this cute dude (not) and i said "dick you're getting me arrested, I didn't know we were trespassing"
  25. And he said "its never happened before, I've taken heaps of chicks up there"
  26. Yeah so we got to the police station and they separated us
    Just wait
  27. And they booked (??? Is that the term???) me and took my information and fangerprints
  28. And then took a mug shot
    so that exists out there somewhere god is good
  30. And then they let me leave and I went out into the like waiting room or whatever
  31. And my friends brother was sitting out there waiting for one of his mates????
    Like I sat there and drunkenly chatted to him for like 45 min and it was prob the only time in my life where we've ever spoken (other than me ringing her house, and him answering the phone and then passing it to her)
  32. Yeah and then he left and the "cute dude" came out as I was calling a taxi
  33. Ugh he came back to mine and slept in my bed
  34. And he kept tryin stuff so I grabbed his hands and jammed them under my stomach so he couldn't move them and that's how we slept
  35. Then in the morning his breath stunk and I kicked him out
  36. P sure he told my flatmates boyfriend that we had sex but we did not
    My one proud moment from the whole ordeal
  37. I'm disgusting