1. Glitter Face
    Super upbeat twee pop/indie song. Imagine a real coo sounding voice
  2. Trip Over The Cat
    Lil bit manic punk girl band vibe (imagine screechy background vocals of meows)
  3. Sock It To Me
    45 second song about socks and different types and prints, slowed down punk song, with the cooing voice doing cute harmonies overtop
  4. All Bodies Are Good Bodies
    "Pudgy tummies, flat butts, I wanna see you strut your stuff" omg I am terrible at fake lyrics but this is a punky anthem
  5. A Guide To Losing Friends
    Once again, super fast paced manic punk girl band sound. Ends with a shouted "I RULE" as the music stops.
  6. Pigtails Forever
    Very similar to the first song, but dreamier and wistful???
  7. This One's For The Fan(s)
    Lots of wind sounds??? Think white noise machines
  8. Touch My Butt
    "...but only with my CONSENT." Consent is always shouted.