I have been using a menstrual cup exclusively since January. This past Friday, my house flooded and we had to abandon the swamp, and so I'm crashing at my parents house til it dries out. I forgot to pack my menstrual cup so I'm back to this shit.
  1. Paying for them
    Honestly fuck this, I know they're not ~that expensive~ but seriously I would rather not spend any money if I really don't have to
  2. The dry pull
    Literally if you have never used a tampon then there is no comparable pain. The closest I can think of is if the most severe cringe was a physical pain but even that isn't accurate enough. Maybe those cotton pad things dentists put in around your gums, but being pulled and in a way way way deeper and more intimate space. Almost feels like your cervix is being pulled out dry through your vagina. I swear my stomach drops every time. And painful. But dry. I need to reiterate it is so so so dry.
  3. Trying to remember when I inserted it
    So that it's not in there for too long in case of leaking, in case of TSS, also so that its in there for long enough because fuck the dry pull.
  4. Trying to be discreet
    Fuck this by now though, I'm 24, I could not give a shit now if a person knows I have my period because they can see me holding a tampon as I walk through the mall I work in to get to a bathroom, like yeah dummy I ain't the only one
  5. Digging through my bag to find one
    It's always a tube of carmex first off. Or batteries (there's a dull fucking story there so don't even ask s2g). And then it was always at my heaviest flow that I would find a light/regular/mini tampon and I'd have to run back to change it again in like 90 minutes. Ugh.
  6. That pesky risk of TSS
    Plus all the bleach and chemical bullshit that's wrapped up in them. Genuinely fuck how bad they are for your body.