1. Peeing in the middle of the night because I have an upstairs bedroom and the toilet is downstairs and my flatmates bedroom is right across the hallway from the toilet and she sleeps with her door open so I don't wanna wake her up by turning on lights or falling down stairs at 3am
  2. Changing my sheets in winter honestly fight me but it's fucking cold and if there aren't sheets on my bed cause they're in the washing machine then where the fuck am I expected to get cosy? Riddle me that
  3. Finishing books I've started when I buy a new book
  4. Watching last season of game of thrones ok I'm a season and however many new episodes there are now behind, the whole plan was to marathon it when the whole season was out and then I got really into x files deal with it also thanks so much for all the dead j snow spoilers DAD
  5. Ok seriously peeing at night this ends now