Inspired by @lame
  1. 4th form/year 10 - immediately kicked out of class upon entering because I was wearing a ridiculous hat
  2. Also that year, the same teacher sent me to withdrawal for incomplete homework, essentially making me more behind in a class that I was missing to do work that was no longer relevant
  3. Year 1 - my pal and my lil 5-y/o self hid in a bush when afternoon tea time ended so that we could keep playing on the playground when everyone else went back to class.
    The groundskeeper (he wasn't called that but I can't remember the name for it in New Zealand?) found us, took us back to class and we both cried because we'd missed out on making MERMAID DIORAMAS
  4. 6th form/year 12 - detentions every third day for being late to whanau/form class despite my protests that it is not a real class and me being two minutes late every day literally does not affect mine or anyone else's education in any way. It's 20 min of sitting while you call roll and read memos that have no bearing on my high school existence
    Basically every third late you got in a class, you'd get a detention
  5. All of 5th form/year 11 - constantly being told that my earrings were too big and my hair was too bright. I'd say "oh yes I'm dyeing it tonight to fix that" and then dye it brighter
    ✌️I'm a lil shit
  6. Also (not trouble but) all of 5th form science class - my best pal and I would argue EVERY DAY about which one of us had to get up from our seats and go across the room to get text books and it literally got to the point where Mr Harrigan would bring us them himself every day. And then J would make me write out her notes while she drew me mermaids
    Ok there is a recurrent mermaid theme here deal with it
  7. 5th form again - had my brand new iPod nano confiscated by some rando teacher who just "popped in" cause my friend was using it in art class (even tho the actual teacher was fine with that) and my pal didn't tell me until the end of class, so at the end of the day I had to go pick it up and the teacher wouldn't let me have it cause it "wasn't mine"
    It's so fucked up to me that they are allowed to take your property, like there was one teacher at my high school who, if he caught you texting in class, would confiscate your phone and you couldn't get it back until the end of term. THAT'S 10 WEEKS. It's fucking theft is what it is.
  8. Both years of uni before I dropped out - constantly lost work before hand in so my grades were TERRIBLE even though I was super okay at everything. Didn't really get in trouble, I just think my tutors mostly thought I was a bit useless
  9. HOLY SHIT EDIT: Year 3 - a girl made up a lie that I had run into the room screaming "ASSHOLES" so I punched her in the face and then choked her? HEY I HAVE BROTHERS AND HOMER SIMPSON IS VERY INFLUENTIAL. I literally don't remember getting in trouble for this AT ALL. Actually I think she went to the bench room and I got nothing FOR STRANGLING HER.
    Also fun fact, 17 years later, that girl is a NIGHTMARE now, and still a huge liar.