We are at work
  1. Fuck off fat bitch
  2. Fat bitches
  3. Fat fucking bitch
  4. I bet you suck dick
  5. Fat slut
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  9. ...
  10. We work in a mall with some of the most useless security guards imaginable. The ONLY one who really gives a shit is Marie, a lovely woman in her 40s, who also happens to be the only woman working in security at this mall.
  11. There had been some sort of altercation in a store, and Marie and Pud (fucking useless mouse) were escorting a man out of the mall.
  12. As they were walking past out store, the drunk man was putting his arms around Marie, and she was pulling away. He was wrapping his arms around her neck, in what was clearly an attempt at intimidating her. And fucking Pud was doing nothing about it.
  13. Han shouted out, "Can you take your hands off of Marie."
  14. He shouted back, sarcastically, "Ooh sorry," and kept touching her.
  15. Han shouted, "get the fuck out!" And pointed towards the exit.
  16. And that's when he started shouting abuse at us.
  17. He stopped touching Marie though!!!
  18. Also we were both laughing at him, and when he shouted "bet you suck dick", I pumped my arms and we shouted, "oh yeaah!!!"
  19. We think it's hilarious that 'fat' is the first 'insult' anyone shouts at us.