Things That Were Cool At My High School

Inspired by @aliciamcelhaney and @Boogie. I went to high school in Palmerston North, New Zealand between 2005-2009
  1. Mince and cheese hair
    Blonde on top, black on bottom
  2. Black skinny jeans
    all bought from pre-teen store Supré regardless of gender because they had the tightest skinnies
  3. Satin boxers
  4. Converse
  5. Dickies mini bags
    I feel like they were smaller than this?
  6. Vans slip ons
  7. Studded belts
  8. Tartan fringe scarves
  9. Comma eyebrows
  10. Cropped cardigans
    Always from Supré
  11. Emo haircuts
  12. Paying $30 for a $13 bottle of vodka because we were underage and that's what the 18 y/o we knew would charge us
    Kristov forever! By which I mean never the fuck again