I complain a lot bye
  1. My brother is moving to Wellington this coming weekend
  2. And he had to go down today for a job interview
    He actually already had the job and hey were just showing him around and getting him to sign contracts which he didn't realise
  3. I was gonna go with him
  4. Until his girlfriend decided she was gonna go with him
  5. We do not get along, so basically that meant that I wasn't going and she was going in my place
    Basically she has done/said a bunch of problematic shit and I called her out on it so like I'm a "bitch" and also like you know the type of girlfriend who tries to publicly embarrass their boyfriend by telling them off or yelling at them in front of their friends/family??? Yeah that's her
  6. Which sucks heaps cause I was really excited to hang out with him one last time just the two of us before he leaves forever
  7. And because she and him are moving together
  8. And I'm broke as hell
  9. It means that if I can manage to scrape together the money to visit him that I can't even stay at their place because fuck that
  10. And when he does come back on weekends, he'll have a billion people to visit and we won't ever just get to hang out???
  11. But as it turns out
  12. She decided right before they were about to leave that she didn't actually want to go
  13. And so he went by himself
  14. I'm so pissed
  15. She's so petty that she won't even let me hang out with my brother before he moves away
  16. Like she is throwing a leaving party which I have not been invited to
  17. .
    I mean like it's at her parents house and her shitty little friends are gonna be there and also one of my brothers friends who I fucking hate but like my whole family is gonna be there???
  18. Idk I'm just gutted