1. Ok so last weekend I was on the recommended list and over four days my follower count went up 3000 not bragging this is just relevant to the list ok
  2. And it freaked me the fuck out and now I feel like I have so much power like I'm power trippin' HARD
  3. But basically all I'm doing is checking out my new followers (the ones with profile pictures, that is) and relisting any cool af lists I read
  4. And this is in the hopes that maybe some of you listers who deem me worthy of a follow will find some cool newbie you have a common interest with and maybe make a new pal
  5. I'm ya middle man
  6. Ya middle man, meddling in the middle of ya, man
  7. It's late and I'm a bit delirious
  8. I hope this isn't like a wanky list
  9. Like 'oh look at me! I'm a big timer now!' Like I literally just want all o ya to be pals if this is my super power then fucking cool I'm Middleman™, the go between for all of those other superheroes honestly don't make me name superheroes idgaf bout those
    Like 3000 is even big timer I see you frank you're doubling everyday
  10. Ugh everything bout this list is so lame and wanky even without trying to be please unfollow you don't need this
  11. What am I doing why like why
  12. You know how sometimes you partway write a list and you're like 'nah fuck no one can ever read this utter bullshit' yeah this is one of them
  13. Let me sleep I think it's the not sleeping that's doing this
  14. Middleman™ out
  15. Ugh so bad
  16. And I'm not even drunk! jfc