Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Soft butts/squishy butts honestly just a butt I can grab
  2. Bringing me a sandwich from my fav sandwich shop
  3. Pigtail always pigtails
  4. Being respectful of my personal boundaries
  5. @lesbian mentioned the bobby pin thing and I s2g THE BOBBY PIN THING
  6. Underboob
  7. Naps with the windows/doors open and no sheets on
  8. Before I started having anxiety about physical contact, I used to really like skin on skin stomachs pressed against each other
    Haven't experienced this is like almost five years so???
  9. Men with long hair
  10. Rolled up shirtsleeves
    Like fuck yeah let's see those forearms!!!!
  11. Tattoos that aren't shitty