1. Family sing along to Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine
  2. Soundtrack to your life is the rock radio station
  3. Diet consists of New Zealand brewed beer and sausage sizzle
    Beer being Tui or dobros
  4. Everyone is white and uncultured
  5. Everyone (bar me, my mum, and my dad) is chain smoking
  6. Party in the garage, and everyone is smoking inside
  7. Decades long list of darts winners
  8. Every bloke is sporting a moustache/beard combo
  9. If you're not drinking beer, you're drinking bourbon
    Or, god forbid, Smirnoff premixes
  10. Someone you know does home brew
    That someone in my life is my dad (thanks for the 2.5 litres of 40% alcohol for $8)
  11. Your parents group of friends nickname is the 'motley crew'
  12. Gutter Black by Hello Sailor is the theme song to your life
    Outrageous Fortune much?