Inspired by @agriffin I'm so sorry I'm very passionate about my hate for them
  1. Basically, they each took a twin and never told that twin that they had a twin
  2. Like what the fuck ok
  3. They broke up, and instead of sharing time with each child so that Annie and Hallie would each know both of their parents, they just separated them and never let each child know that the other existed
  4. Like that's fucking messed up.
  5. Also my understanding of it is that both Annie and Hallie think the parent they don't know is dead?
  6. Or at the very least has abandoned them and wants nothing to do with them based on how they never phone, never visit, never write?
  7. That's not okay with me
  8. Like "oh the break up was messy so we're just going to each take a child and separate them and live worlds apart from each other and never tell them that they have a dad/mum or an identical twin and none of our friends or family members have argued how irresponsible this is or how it could possibly be quite harmful to our children and maybe set
    them up with lifelong abandonment issues but like here's hoping they magically meet at a camp in the future and then the two of us fall back in love and it's fine that we are terrible parents because we love each other like who cares whether the kids are messed up when we have our happily ever after?"
  9. So basically if the girls hadn't met BY CHANCE at a summer camp, they would NEVER KNOW THE OTHER EXISTED
  10. That's some fucked up parenting
  11. And then I'm supposed to want them to get back together and live happily ever after?
  12. FUCK NO