1. If a customer is rude, slow or difficult in any way, and at the end of their sale they ask for a carry bag I tell them "sorry, we're out".
  2. If a customer puts their money on the counter instead of into my hand, I return the favour by doing the exact same.
  3. Don't properly wrap their products
    I work at a bakery. Every Danish should be wrapped in paper. Not if you're rude though. Also, no merry Christmas to you. And yes, we will be complaining about you for days
    Suggested by @hugothecat
  4. this mightn't be pettiness per se. My thing was to ensure that the right person was served first. No bullies at my counter, thank you very much! "I'm sorry ma'am, this lady was first" ..got them every time!
    Suggested by @jessicaz
  5. that, and KINDNESS!!
    Suggested by @jessicaz
  6. If a customer was rude to me in any way and then demand that I check the back room for an item (as if it would magically appear because they asked), I would go to the back, get a drink of water, check my phone and then come back out like "oh sorry, I checked the back and it looks like we're all out"
    Suggested by @michellejennifer
  7. When they point and say "that one", I will purposely point to the wrong one and say "this one?" And when they say "no, that one", I will say, in a sugary sweet voice, "oh if you could just say the names because I can't tell which one you mean."
    I work in a specialty candy store, where you can pick out which chocolates and truffles you want in a box. We have more than 40 different kinds.