I'm emptying out my drafts folder and a couple months ago I rewatched this teen fave and it mostly doesn't hold up now
  1. Grace and Rich are getting married
  2. Franky isn't androgynous and/or possibly asexual anymore and is instead hyper sexualised and every boy wants to fuck her and she wants to fuck them all too
  3. Michelle and Tony "we were good, weren't we?" in season 2
    Honey he cheated on you and manipulated you throughout your whole relationship and it's only now that he's recovering from a traumatic accident that you're romanticising a toxic relationship
  4. Nick is in love with Franky, and she loves him too???? I guess????
    What was the purpose of this??? Was it just to keep Matty and Franky apart? It was the worst and came out of NOWHERE
  5. Naomi cheats on Emily and then things are fucked ALL SEASON
  6. Michelle and Sid
    Ugh I get it kind of I just hate it
  7. Katie can't have children
    I don't so much dislike this storyline as I am mad that it wasn't covered more, and more importantly, that Katie wasn't a bigger part of season 4. She was such an interesting character and they really didn't do her justice.
  8. Rich isn't metal anymore
    He suddenly looks super indie in the next season like no one stops being a punk that drastically and that quickly
  9. Alo is a sex offender
    This was a terrible storyline but the worst part is how torn I am about it. He had sex with a 13 year old girl and was charged with it which is GOOD but I really don't think he was at fault??? And then I'm not sure if I'm manipulated into thinking that by the writers, like "she looked older" and "she wanted it" and "he didn't know her age" and then also by how she gets him charged with assault of a minor because she's mad that he doesn't want to date her now he knows how old she is idk idk
  10. Luke rapes Franky and then it is never acknowledged again
    She never tells anyone, she never struggles with it on her own, she's never shown to be dealing with a trauma from anyone else's perspective, LITERALLY NOTHING EVER HAPPENS ABOUT IT. Why the fuck would they even put this in the show