1. I was forced and tricked to go there
  2. The major of which I'm studying is not even my passion
  3. I have no friends that I could talk to
  4. The place is too far from home
  5. I miss my real friends
  6. I thought I had someone that understood me in the us, but it turned out that she only pretended to appreciate our friendship when in fact, she hated it
  7. She went to different university from mine, by the way, even though we had promised each other to go to the same college
  8. Since then, I don't really care to befriend new people, because for me, they might turn out to be the same as that girl.
  9. So, I decided to spend as much time as I can with real friends that really understand me, and appreciate me for the way I am.
  10. For that, I am forever grateful.
  11. My skwad