Here are some ideas off the top of my head and counter for sweet gifts of a moderate range for your loved ones....At once sensual, tender, unique, pretty, and inspiring. Links to items found on
  1. miansai screw cuff bracelet: such a sweet masculine/feminine powerful bracelet. Yellow gold goodness. For women and for men.
  2. treat natural nail polish: 5 free non-toxic nail polish. Sweet holiday color.
  3. lite the light pyramids: orgonite rose quartz pyramid. On my desk. In 2000, a couple named Don and Carol Croft discovered through research and empirical observation that when Orgonite is within range of a source of DOR/negative energy, it will efficiently and continuously transform it into POR/positive energy as more on
  4. big sur cabin spray: for my man (and sometimes for me). although it says it is for a cabin, we are known to rebel and spray anything we want carrying this perfect big sur scent.
  5. lurk purfume oil: Sultry florals in resinous black pepper. Made with 100% pure essential oils, resins, absolutes and CO2 extracts infused in organic jojoba. Yum.
  6. how to love (mindful essentials) by thich nhat hanh: hard for me not to tear up watching thich nhat hanh speak….about anything.
  7. self respect paper weight: can never be reminded of this one enough, by a paper weight or otherwise
  8. a room of one’s own notebook: indeed. Amen. Xo
  9. the body deli watermelon lip gloss: I love all things watermelon. Years ago I was on tour and become obsessed with lip balms that could appeal to the young part of me (watermelon!), and the more mature part, that needed it to be non-toxic. This is the perfect one that achieves both 😉
  10. pill boxes (pbs007 & pbs025): sweetest vitamin or pill boxes. Very prized possession. 😃
  11. i love you tiny trinket dish: I put earrings in this at night, bedside table. Or walnuts. Or jelly beans. Or nothing.
  12. tata harper lip therapy/treatment (be true & be fierce): protection, and creamy-relief moisture. All clean.
  13. sage bundle: stunning sage bundles. Almost too pretty to burn. Almost. 😃
  14. small hand-poured soy candle – light + intimacy: this candle….blood orange, tangerine and guava. My room smells dreamy when this burns.
  15. poppy and someday marfa moon mist: Calendula Hydrosol, Frankincense, Petitgrain, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Pinon Pine…I love marfa. I love mists ☺ and I love poppy n someday. Xo
  16. three sisters apothecary soap: clean. Ylang ylang goodness. My whole shower is overcome with the scent of this epic flower.
  17. marrakech intense eau de toilet: I pounce on my husband when he wears this.
  18. h.gillerman organics true relaxation stress remedy: true relaxation. Helps remind, restore, regulate and re-joov. Xo
  19. earring: Kathleen Whitaker Stick earring. One ear only. So elegant. Hip. Sweet. Delicate.
  20. barton perreira dalziel sunglasses: So fun. Feminine. Grace. Fierce.
  21. lyric leather bracelet: hate to hawk my own lyric/design…BUT…my husband loves this bracelet and there is nothing better than being reminded of this. 😃 xoxo
  22. the mindfulness survival kit:waiting in a doctor’s office, for the ferry, between meetings….this reminds, connects and grounds me.
  23. natural wood box: natural wood box for accoutrements and jewelry and all things small and valued.
  24. leather wristlet: as a wallet, purse, make-up bag, or….. holder of all things precious.
  25. bath salts: natural bath salts. Lavender. So relaxing after these holiday banner days
  26. bandolier phone case: part-phone, part-purse, part-wallet. on the beach or on a night out—one of my favorite purchases of the year.
  27. the mindfulness coloring book: while it might seem I leave the crayons at the door of my son’s playroom…I don’t. I find coloring very calming. And reminds me of my childhood. X
  28. my favorite chocolate chip cookies: nothing better than home-baked treats to give my friends and family….imbued with heart and love and well-wishes. recipe on
  29. herbal eye pillow: for sleep. headaches. meditation. going within. deep rest.
  30. calming lavender heat pillow: for tired shoulders and weary hearts. (I sneak these in the freezer too… for a cooling on inflamed muscles) xo