I like all cookies, but there's an obvious hierarchy. And, of course, they shouldn't be crunchy.
  1. Chocolate chip
    If it's chewy, it's the best cookie in all the land. If it's hard, it can go screw itself.
  2. M & M
    I prefer one that's soft, and has a lot of blue candies featured. The dye in the blue ones taste the best.
  3. Peanut butter
    Add a few chocolate chips to this and DAY-UM SON!
  4. Sugar
    Some might disagree, but a classic sugar cookie with some sugar sprinkles? You're lying to yourself if this doesn't sound delicious.
  5. Snicker doodle
    I mean, it's autumn in your mouth.
  6. Frosted
    I love like a pumpkin face or an American flag.
  7. Chocolate chunk
    Sometimes those big chunks of chocolate are too much. I'll eat it! But I won't always love it.
  8. Oatmeal raisin
    I can't really jive with a cookie that's shoving health down my throat, but sometimes they hit the spot. Like, if all the ones above are out.
  9. Double chocolate
    Too much! But I won't throw it in the trash.
  10. Ginger
    I eat these when I'm sick because I swear my mom said they make you better when I was a kid. She was probably just out of medicine.