The Top 7 Parts of My Day

  1. Eating a grilled cheese, with sour cream and onion chips on the side, for lunch.
  2. Leaving approximately 15 chips in the bag, putting them in my desk drawer, then acting like they are a pleasant surprise snack 20 minutes later.
  3. Not my 2 year old's overly dramatic tantrum about not being able to help me get a laundry basket into our car.
  4. Or the part where he jammed his legs into the front seat of the car so I couldn't buckle him into his car seat.
  5. Asking my son if he had fun playing with his cousin - "No because she takes all my toys." I bet you never take her toys, I said. "No, I do."
  6. Taking a long walk along the Mississippi River with a good friend and admiring the fall colors at dusk. And not being attacked or flashed by the River people!
  7. Discovering this list app.