Let's be honest - I want in the group.
  1. Tom Schwartz
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    He's a Minnesota boy, and I'm a Minnesota girl - enough said. Also he doesn't work much, so he could always spend time with me, which is key for best friendship.
  2. Katie
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    After she broke up with Stassi, Katie got a whole lot more interesting. And maybe she'd make me a bridesmaid in her upcoming nuptials! Her fiancé is my best friend, after all (see spot #1).
  3. Ariana
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    She seems like a solid girlfriend, who could pour me a badass drink while letting me bitch about Kristen and looking amazing all at the same time. The perfect combination of qualities.
  4. Tom Sandoval
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    When he's not flipping his hair around, I feel like he's a stand up guy!
  5. Scheana
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    When she was a one hit wonder who threw herself a birthday party every week, I wasn't so sure about Scheana. But ever since marriage, Scheana calmed down a bit, only throws herself a birthday party once a year, and now I really like her.
  6. Jax
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    I'd have to put a lock on my vagina, and never tell him the truth about anyone or anything, but we'd have fun.
  7. Kristen
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    She's always drinking wine and I love people who are always drinking wine! I just wouldn't want to get on her bad side, or she'd kill me in broad daylight.
  8. Stassi
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    Everyone wants to be liked by Stassi. And once she hates me, she'll say the funniest stuff about me to the cameras!