In case you're looking for some great stock photos that scream, "COME WORK IN OUR OFFICE".
  1. "Way to go, Jim! The presentation you just delivered with everyone crowded around your laptop was PHENOMENAL!" - says female member of marketing team with minimal diversity.
  2. "Thumbs up, great job, closed the deal." - white male exclaims as his slightly diverse group of coworkers cheer him on.
  3. "You can't spell multilevel marketing scheme without team!" - says previous high school star quarterback about his skin care regime sales team.
  4. "Yeah!" - shouts the team upon learning the Spin Doctors will be performing at their annual holiday party.
  5. *silently contemplates inevitable death as coworkers prattle on about new intern's great PowerPoint skills* (also, is that Vince Vaughn?)
  6. "Wow, Greg, please stop caressing my palm with your index finger while our older, perverted boss watches." - all females in the workplace, probably.
  7. "Yes! The tucked blue button down dress code has been relaxed!" - man who cannot wait to wear that plaid button down shirt his wife purchased over a year ago and has spent the last four months passive aggressively mentioning.
  8. "Ahahahahaha. That was a real treat, Steve. Maybe next year." - all females in the workplace, probably.