In no certain order.
  1. Ew. Ok, let's generalize teen girls a little more.
  2. Ew. Let's just generalize teens in general.
  3. Why is he just staring at the girls?
  4. Oh, Chris Pratt.
  5. Dr. Wong!!!
  6. The other guy from the less good Law and Order!
  7. Whoa. Divorce? Where did that come from!?
  8. No, seriously, how are they going to work that into the plot?
  9. Sure, sure, a hole in the fence. Might as well drive through it.
  10. How did this monster cover so much ground so quickly?
  11. What a touching moment with Chris Pratt 😻 and the dinosaur.
  12. So, does Chris Pratt still smell like gasoline? Since he drenched himself and everything...
  13. Oh, yeah, totally realistic that the kids rebuilt a jeep quietly in one afternoon.
  14. Sure, sure, this helicopter mission is going to end well. Definitely.
  15. Oh, yep. Called it. Helicopter in flames.
  16. How the fuck is she tramping through the forest in heels. Horse shit.
  17. I can't even.
  18. Who gave him the authority to take over central command?
  19. Is it human? Did they cross the monster with humans? Will we ever find out?
  20. They're packing up the dinohumans aren't they?
  21. Where is Dr Wong going? I'm not watching Jurassic World 2, so pretty pissed they didn't tell us.
  22. Oh, yeah... Keep running in the SAME DIRECTION as the fighting dinosaurs.
  23. Maybe, like, go further into the building? Oh, no, no, what you're doing makes perfect sense.
  24. Oh good, the whale dinosaur.
  25. Sooooo, are mom and dad getting divorced!? They didn't hug? But no one has ADDRESSED THE FUCKING ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.
  26. Yeah, right, her heels are still totally intact. Oh my god.