1. sex will never be the same
  2. getting blindfolded will never be the same
  3. I think I like getting called "little slut"
  4. I have tons of bruises/ scratches that make me more appealing to myself
  5. I found out I'm a disobedient bitch
  6. "I think it's so cute how you actually think you're gonna come tonight"
  7. "I want you to beg for it"
  8. a lot of teeth used around my pubic area - grateful my dick is in one piece
  9. sex is the only thing that makes me sweat anymore but not even sex it's that post sex stewing under the covers with someone all night that wakes me up drenched
  10. she had such a cute cat!!! I think it slept next to me all night
  11. I look "pretty hot" with a blindfold on
  12. you may think you are ready to get slapped in the face but it's a shock every time
  13. I felt young & weak & I wouldn't trade that feeling for any other
  14. sex so good I probably won't feel the need to fuck for 2-3 weeks