Back to school emotional state

This is what I went through when my oldest went back to school today....
  1. Confusion
    Huh? What's going on? It's 6am Sarah, what are you doing up so early? You can't get back to sleep because you are too excited? Why? Oooooh, I totally forgot that it's the first day of school, well, go downstairs and start making your lunch, I'll be down in a few.
  2. Caffeine induced alertness
    Okay, great, *sip of coffee* your lunch is made, *another sip of coffee* brush your teeth and hair while your dad makes breakfast, also make sure you have all your school supplies. Oh, you did that last night? Well at least one of us is ready for school *big gulp of coffee*
  3. Panic
    Oh, crap, it's already 7:15?! What time does your bus arrive?! Oh, thank you Thor, God of all that is right and just, your bus doesn't get here until 7:48
  4. Extreme panic
    Shoot, it says here you have P.E. today, sorry sweetie but you can't wear your new dress and boots, you have to change. Stop crying, it's not a big deal, you also have new jeans and MANY new shirts you can wear! And you have new Chuck Taylors, so why are you crying? Hurry up! Your bus will be here soon!
  5. Sadness
    4th grade, she's a 4th grader this year! Where has the time gone. *sniff* Yeah, so what if I'm crying husband, *sob* it's only because I'm losing my little helper. Geez, what am I going to do without her? *sniff* Yeah, I know, I'm actually gonna have to take care of the little ones now *sob*