I'm SURE I'm not the only one
  1. Do you think they have sex?
    If you've ever watched the show you would say no, but there are those times when you can't help but feel like they did it.
  2. Why would they bring that survival item?
    You can always go with the sure thing: the machete or the fire starter. Or do you want to risk it and go a little more unconventional : mosquito netting or rope. Either way it's better than the girl who brought a magnifying glass. Why?!
  3. Do they REALLY feel alone?
    That one is actually easy to answer. No they are not, because during the day the crew is there filming. Yes the crew stays neutral and does not interact with the survivalists but they are still technically there. So how can you feel alone?
  4. What about periods?
    There has only been a few episodes that involve menstruation. I wonder if the producers take it into consideration when picking the female contestant
  5. How close are the animals?
    The only animals you see close up are the ones they kill or the stock footage taken weeks earlier. I wonder just how close those hippos really are to the camps.