My oldest daughter is awesome because I'm lazy

Here are just a few instances of the awesomeness that is my oldest child. She is nine years old and is so much more responsible then I am now. This list will be updated on the regular.
  1. May 12, 2016
    I wake up at 6:45 to wake my husband because he has to get the donuts for church. I heard footsteps downstairs. I thought it was my mom and dad who are visiting for the weekend.
  2. Me: Is my mom downstairs with the twins? (We have a set of boy & girl twins, they are 3)
    My husband: no, it's only Sarah (she is our oldest).
  3. My husband: she said....
    Sarah: I woke up at exactly 6:31, I was gonna grab my tablet and chill on the couch but I saw that Mabel (our Newfoundland pup) had three little poops on the carpet and 2 little poops on the tile floor, so I put her outside and cleaned up the poop.
  4. Me: She's so awesome *yawn*
    Time to go back to sleep