These are just a few emotions I go through EVERY time I copy my photos from my phone to an external hard drive then delete them off my phone. And yes, I know I should just print them, but really, who has the time to do that? Not me, that's for sure.
  1. Anger
    Ugh!!! I have too many photos and now I can't take anymore! So now I missed a once in a lifetime shot of our four kids hugging our dog, who is licking a kitten, who has a baby duck on its back!
  2. Panic
    I haven't backed anything up! What if I lose all those precious moments while transferring the photos to my desktop?! Okay, calm down, take a breathe, everything will be alright.
  3. Frustration
    I hate you Apple! Why can't you be compatible with Microsoft!!! Ugh!! Yes my phone is hooked up to the USB port, and YES I'm am looking at the external hard drive folder. Where are you iPhone?! YES husband, I know your free android phone easily hooks up to the computer then my $400 IPhone, you don't have to rub it in! Where ARE YOU STUPID IPHONE!?!! Oh...wait...there it is.
  4. Boredom
    I'm sure there is a faster way to transfer my photos, but now I'm in a groove and I'm not gonna stop until my 600 photos and 100 videos are copied on to the hard drive.
  5. Panic
    Okay! Am I sure I transferred them all? Even the random pics of the floor that my kids took? Yep they are there, I'm gonna check it again JUST to make sure....yep, okay, one more check....
  6. Anxiety
    Okay...I'm about to do it....I'm about to delete ALL my photos off my finger is on the "select all button"....okay, I "selected all"...wait! Maybe I should save a couple very special ones? No Mara! Just DO IT ALREADY!
  7. Regret
    Oh, no, what did I just do? I just deleted HUNDREDS of precious memories off my phone. I should have saved just a few!
  8. Relief
    Whew! It's fine! It's totally fine! I just checked my hard drive AGAIN and all my pictures and videos are STILL there. I can now stop freaking out. Well, as soon as I check just ONE last time.