Basically my husband and I watch a lot of TV and movies
  1. Keisha Castle-Hughes
    We were watching a movie, thought the actress was the for mentioned above, she was not, we were both wrong
  2. John Marshall Jones
    This guy always seems to play bit parts in TV shows, but I remembered he had a main role in the sitcom "Smart Guy", my husband didn't think it was that particular show, I was right
  3. John Francis Daley
    Sweets was our favorite character in "Bones", my hubby said he was on "freaks and geeks", I foolishly didn't believe him, I was wrong.
  4. Amber Nash
    Told my husband that she was the voice of Pam on "Archer", he denied it, turns out I was right.
  5. Larissa Oleynik
    She was recently on an episode of "Law&Order: SVU" I knew she was a child actor so my husband looked her up for me. She was the star of "The Secret Life of Alex Mack", neither of us were wrong.
  6. I like to think we are evenly matched.